Dear Diary, I’m turning over a new leaf (frond).

Photo by Brent Storm on Unsplash

Day 452

I’m turning over a new leaf (frond). You can’t change other people, only change yourself! So…I know it’s unreasonable to expect W to be all chatty after we’ve had a long day of work — instead of trying to pry conversation out of him, I’m just going to relax. Give him space to unwind. Lower my expectations. Easy Breezy Chucky Cheesy.

Day 453

Making coconut and banana hash for dinner tonight. It’s full moon and I’m just gonna be chill about everything, have a nice night.

Day 454

I’ve fucking had it. Had it. I spend my life…

Vote Now to Ensure You Get The March Exit You Really Want.

Hey kids, it’s that time of year again!!! Polling for my 2021 exit is now open.

But first a few notes for the newbies; every February I take a vote as to what style of Lion I come in as; this year the people spoke and I came in as a Li-ion battery (nice work people, hope you are getting the re-charge you were looking for). Snoop Lion almost won but got smoked at the last second. Now we are here in mid-March, it’s time to vote on LEAVING LAMB 2021!


Regency-speak for beginners

Image Licensed from Canva

I’ve witnessed so much confusion regarding the Regency period terminology! It has been paining me greatly, so I have procured this guide for your delectation. Pray don’t pull your caps with me, I am merely trying to make you all the crack before you find yourself in a situation that has been brought to Point Non Plus. Without further ado, please study the following terms to educate yourself.


We start with something that, dash it, you should already know. A cotillion is a dance, it is not a large amount of money shared by two people.


Whoever told you that…

Louise Jane Watson

Doing some writing, making some art, putting some tuna on pizza. Raised in the UK, but now rooted in Portland, OR.

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